Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Registered Nurses (RN–BS)

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Registered Nurses (RN-BS) program through Russell Sage’s School of Professional and Continued Education (SPCE) is designed for working professionals who are already registered nurses or are eligible candidates for the National Examination for Licensure as Registered Professional Nurses (NCLEX-RN). The Bachelor of Nursing online program builds upon your knowledge and clinical experience and strives to broaden horizons in collaborative and contemporary nursing practices. Our Bachelor of Nursing online students develop leadership skills, increase their marketability and advance their nursing career opportunities. The fast-paced, flexible format of this degree program accommodates all types of schedules.


The baccalaureate degree in Nursing requires 120 credits. Of those 120 credits, students complete 65 credits of liberal arts and 55 credits of Nursing. Students may transfer up to 66 credits from an associate degree program, or up to 90 credits with courses from a previously earned non nursing baccalaureate degree. Students can transfer in 30 Nursing credits that are validated based on their previous completion of their Associate Degree in Nursing. The remaining 25 credits in Nursing are completed through the SPCE Nursing Program.

Upper Division Nursing Courses (25 credits)

  • NSG331: Contemporary Professional Nursing Practice (4 credits)
  • NSG332: Assessment for Health Promotion/Risk Reduction (3 credits)
  • NSG402: Community/Public Health Nursing in a Changing World (6 credits)
  • NSG404: Leadership in Professional Nursing (3 credits)
  • NSG558: Paradigms & Perspectives of Advanced Practice Nursing (3 credits)
  • NSG559: Nursing in a Sociopolitical-Environment (3 credits)
  • NSG448: Selected Topics in Nursing (3 credits)

Required Nursing Support Courses:

  • Science (12 credits)
    • A & P I & II
    • CHM 111/103
    • BIO208 (Micro)
    • PHY
  • SCL350 Research for the Professions
  • Statistics
  • PSY 101
  • PSY 208
  • SOC or ANT
  • SCI 120

Required College LIFE General Education Courses:

  • Humanities (communications, philosophy, English, foreign language or art history)
  • Technology (CSI150 recommended)
  • Humanities seminar II (Eng101-102)
  • Social science (PSY and or SOC)
  • Science
  • Math110 or higher (MAT220, PSY207)
  • ITD300 or higher
  • Experiential learning (nursing clinical course)


The School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) offers rolling admission with start terms in fall, spring and summer. Applications are encouraged well in advance to the start of each term so that there is ample time for transfer credit evaluations and financial aid packaging.

Working directly with an admission counselor, we evaluate the amount of transferable credit and work experience you have. We strongly encourage you to have at least 40 completed college credits or an associate degree. It is required that applicants have 40 completed college-level credits in good academic standing to be accepted.

How to Apply

Choose one of the following:

Students must submit:

  • A completed application for admission
  • An official transcript from each postsecondary institution attended since high school. To do this, complete and print the Official Transcript Request Form (located on the last page of this document) and fax it to 800-473-2512.
  • A one- to two-page career goals essay

International students must submit additional information including WES transcript in order to be admitted.

Students can expect to receive an admission decision within two weeks after their admission file is considered complete. Students who have completed the admission procedures and gained acceptance to an undergraduate degree or certificate program will be classified as a matriculated student, are eligible for financial aid and will be assigned a faculty advisor.


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